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The group pursues original researches of state-of-the-art cutting edge technologies. Reproduction of the previously demonstrated works or their related similar results will not be able to entitle any candidate student to be awarded postgraduate degrees (Master or Ph.D) according to the Gachon university policy. In principle, new original ideas should be created by candidate students, but the supervisor will help students greatly with the generation of new ideas for their research upon a student request. The group research activities can be subdivided into the following areas:
(1) Plasmon-assisted Surface Spectroscopy for Biomedical/Environmental Diagnosis
     : Plasmon coupling with fluorophores/probe molecules for ultrahigh sensitive spectroscopy

(2) Plasmon-enhanced Magneto-optical Effects
     : Enhancement of magneto-optical Kerr effects vis metal nanostructure-induced plasmons even
       without using magnetic material

(3) Plasmon-assisted Polymerase Chain Reaction for Biomedical Diagnosis
     : Ultrafast real-time PCR using enhanced local fields of plasmons

(4) Interaction of Light with an Active Medium at Optical Resonance
     : Kramers-Kronig dispersion relation applied to a non-passive medium under the causality principle

(5) Nonlinear Optical Effects and Its Application
     : Nonlinear optical Kerr effects and multi-photon absorption in 𝜋-conjugated polymers

(6) Semiconductor Single Crystal Characterization
     : Structural, electrical and optical characterization of III-V semiconductor single crystals